Axle & Driveline Components

CJ Disc Brake Dust Shields
$74.95   $64.95
Replace those rusted or bent up disc brake dustshields with these powdercoated steel replacements. Available for 1976-1977 models (these use a 6 bolt caliper... More

1984-1995 YJ/XJ Front Axle Shift Fork Kit
Replacement fork kit for CAD (central axle disconnect) shift motor. Includes fork, fork guides, gasket, e-clips, and hardware. Replace that cracked or... More

Dana 30 Inner Axle Tube Seal

CODE: 8121781

$12.35   $9.50
Replacement for Dana 30 Front axle. Includes guide for axle re-installation. Commonly replaced when replacing axle ujoints or replacing the differential... More

Transmission Torque Bushing Mounting Stud

CODE: 5358879

Replacement for tough to find Jeep transmission torque stud. Fits 1972-1995 CJ and Wrangler Models. Great addition if you are updating to urethane torque...

1976-1986 CJ Power Brake Booster Bracket

CODE: JRP8133324

Power Brake booster mounting bracket for 1976-1986 CJ's. Required when converting to power brackets. Bolts between firewall and power booster unit, lowers... More

1982-1986 CJ Power Brake Booster

CODE: JRP8133909

Replacement power brake booster for 1982-1986 CJ's. Can be used on 1976-1981 models. Requires mounting bracket if converting from manual brakes along with... More

Dana 20 Transfercase shift knob w/ Pattern

CODE: JRP5355941

Replacement Transfercase for 1972-1979 CJ's with Dana 20. Shift knob is marked with shift pattern 3/8-24 thread.

AMC Model 20 Pinion Yoke

CODE: JRP8129201

$54.50   $49.50
This a replacement yoke for the AMC model 20 rear axle. Commonly used in the 1976-86 CJ's as well as a few other AMC products. This is the heavy-duty style... More

Dana 30 Inner Axleshaft Dust Shield

CODE: JRP8126232

Replacement inner axleshaft dust shield for 1972-1986 CJ Dana 30 axles.

Dana 30 / 44 Spicer Balljoint Set

CODE: SPI706116x

$95.00   $67.95
Genuine Dana Spicer upper and lower ball joint set for Dana 30 and 44 axle. This style balljoint is used on the older design axles that the balljoint is... More