Fuel and Electrical

1977-1986 CJ Front Turn Signal Lite

CODE: J5752771

This is a complete replacement for you corroded or cracked turn signal lite assembly. Comes with amber bulb and factory wiring pigtail. Uses 2 holdown... More

CJ/YJ Fueltank Skidplate 15 Gallon Tank

CODE: J5357023

$69.95   $67.95
Replacement skidplate fits 1976-86 CJ with 15 gallon fuel tank and 1987-1990 YJ Wrangler with 14.5 gallon steel tank. Does not fit with Factory 20 plastic... More

CJ/YJ Fuel Tank Strap

CODE: J5356651

Replacement for 1976-1986 CJ with either the 15 or 20 gallon fuel tank. Also fits 1987-1995 YJ Wrangler 15 Gallon tank uses quanity of one. 20 Gallon tanks...

CJ/YJ Fuel Tank Strap Kit

CODE: J5356651K

Replacement Strap kit fits 1976-86 CJ with 15 gallon fuel tank and 1987-1990 YJ Wrangler with 14.5 gallon tank. Kit includes all 3 straps, Top, right and left.

CJ Amber Sidemarker Lens

CODE: J994020

Replacement sidemarker lens for 1968-1986 CJ Amber for front fender use

CJ Red Sidemarker Lens

CODE: J994021

Replacement sidemarker lens for 1968-1980 CJ Red for rear use.

1976-86 CJ Wiper Linkage Cover

CODE: J5459153

Replacement for factory access plug. Plastic snap-in installation.

CJ Fuel Sending Unit Kit 15 Gallon

CODE: J5357373K

$42.50   $37.95
Fuel sending unit kit fits 1968-1986 CJ models with 15 Gallon Fuel Tank. Kit includes sending unit, lockring, o-ring and fuel internal filter.

1978-1986 CJ 15 Gallon Fuel Tank-POLY


$265.95   $189.95
Polyethelene replacement for factory steel fuel tank. Uses factory skidplate , straps and fuel sending unit. Eliminates rust forever!! Uses 1" main fuel fill...

1976-1986 CJ Dash Lite Kit

CODE: 5752813K

Replacement lite kit for CJ. Includes all 6 lites.