Specialty Coatings & Chemicals

We carry many special coating and chemical products for your project.

K&N Filter Service Kit

CODE: 99-5000

$15.75   $12.95
K&N Filter
Air Filter cleaner kit. Contains cleaner for removing dirt and crud from element. Spray oil for recharging your filters performance. Will clean your filter... More

Bestop Softop Cleaner

CODE: 11201-00

$15.95   $12.95
Specially formulated for safely cleaning softops and other vinyl products. Safely removes the toughest soils and stains. Not for use on window material....

Bestop Softop Protectant

CODE: 11202-00

$17.95   $15.95
Specially formulated for protecting your clean vinyl products. Safely repels dust, grease. dirt and mildew. Minimizes fading and cracking. Easy... More

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating
Proven POR-15 is a rust-preventive coating designed for application to rusted or prepared metal surface. Dries to a rock hard non-porous finish that won't... More

Bestop Softop Care Kit

CODE: BES11205-00

$39.95   $36.95
Bestop offers a package of 3 specific cleaners and protectant to extend and protect your softop. Each product is also available individually.

Bestop Zipper Cleaner and Lube

CODE: BES11206-00

$19.49   $13.95
Specially formulated cleaner to lubricate both metal and plastic zippers and add life to any zipper. Leaves a unique protective film which lubricates... More