Transmission & Transfercase

A/A Atlas 2 Transfercase
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Advance Adaptors
Advance Adaptors proven heavy-duty tranfercase offers many unique layout options. Available in 2.0-1, 3.8-1, 4.3-1 lowrange ratios. Because these units are... More

Chrysler 999/904 Automatic Deep Transmission Oilpan Kit

CODE: P4007886AB

$104.50   $79.95
This kit includes: Deep Transmission Pan, Pickup Spacer, Filter and Gasket Increase the lifespan of your Jeep’s automatic transmission with... More

Automatic Transmission Temp Guage

CODE: BNM80212

B&M Automotive
B&M transmission temperature guage for monitoring temps in heavy towing or performance applications. Keep from causing major damage from overheating... More

NP231J HD Replacement Drive Chain

CODE: 11650

$139.50   $90.00
Alloy USA
HD replacement drive chain for Jeep YJ/XJ/TJ NP231J applications. 1" wide version.

Dana 300 Gasket and Seal Kit


Gasket and seal kit for 1980-1986 CJ Dana 300 Transfercase. Includes input and both output shaft seals, shift rail seals, gaskets and shim kit for front... More

Dana 20 Gasket and Seal Kit

CODE: JRP8130995

Gasket and seal kit for 1972-1979 CJ Dana 20 Transfercase. Includes  both output shaft seals, shift rail seals and gaskets.

TJ NP231 Cable Shifter Conversion

CODE: 715543-231

$269.95   $249.95
Advance Adaptors
This cable conversion eliminates all of the factory TJ transfercase linkage. Designed to bolt into the factory floor hole and console. Works great with... More

Dana 20 / 300 Shift Rail Thimble

CODE: JRP934281

$8.25   $6.50
Replacement for those hard to find shift rail thimble (cover for rails where they stickout the rear of transfercase) Simple tap-in installation. sold as... More