B&M Automotive

1990-1999 YJ/TJ AX-15 Short Throw Shifter

CODE: BNM45059

$286.95   $239.95
B&M Automotive
Short throw shifter for 1990-1999 YJ/TJ Models with AX15 Transmission (6 cylinder engines). Reduces shift throw by almost 30%. A great way to solve the... More

B&M HD Transmission Cooler

CODE: B&M70268

$68.50   $57.95
B&M Automotive
B&M 19,000 GVW transcooler. Aluminum stacked plate design for maximum strength. No flimsy fins to bend or crush.  Measures 11" x 7.5" x .75" thick.... More

Automatic Transmission Temp Guage

CODE: BNM80212

B&M Automotive
B&M transmission temperature guage for monitoring temps in heavy towing or performance applications. Keep from causing major damage from overheating... More

B&M Sportshifter

CODE: BNM80776

$249.95   $219.95
B&M Automotive
B&M Floor shift conversion kit. Detent style pattern for easy use. Includes neutral safety and backup light functions built in. 5 foot long shifter... More

B&M Pro-Ratchet Shifter

CODE: BNM80842

$234.95   $204.95
B&M Automotive
Proven B&M Pro-Rachet cable style shifter for most automatic applications. Fits most 3 and 4 speed transmissions including Turbo 350, Turbo 400. 700r,... More

B&M Replacement Shifter Cable 5 Ft

CODE: BNM80605

$54.75   $44.95
B&M Automotive
Replacement cable for most B&M brand shifters. 5 foot long with eyelet with bolt in bracket on top end, theaded for swivel on lower end.